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tv   Early Start  CNN  February 19, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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unaddressed, who don't want to address it. if a doctor tells you you should get a conservatorship over a child, do it. the consequences of not doing so can be profound. >> great advice, dr. drew. thanks horrible drama happening right now. prosecutors say how oscar pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend through a bathroom door. copycat kiter? newtown shooter adam lanza may have been trying to top another mass murderer. shanghai secret revealed. chinese hackers reportly targeting the u.s. out of this 1 12-story office tower. listen to this, two times two. four babies born as two sets of
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identical twins. chew on that for a second. >> i can't. >> you got twins. >> i have one set. >> can you imagine? four of them. >> no. >> we're going to share that story with you. it's really great. good morning. welcome to "early startstart". it's tuesday, february 19th. we have to begin with dramatic news overnight. emotions overflowing in the courtroom and it's happening right now as the blade runner turned murder suspect oscar pistorius is appearing in court for a crucial hearing. pistorius has been sobbing, breaking down as his defense is angling for bail this morning. their case denying that the killing was premedicated and at one point they even argue that girlfriend reba steenkamp's death was not even murder. meanwhile, the prosecution has been laying out its case. they say pistorius put on his limbs, walked about 20 feet and then shot through a locked bathroom door killing steenkamp. all of this is happening at this
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very moment with an unprecedented crush of cameras in the courtroom and huge crowds of people trying to get seats inside. >> also happening this morning, reeva steenkamp's family will lay her to rest along the southern coast of south africa. we have a reporter in port elizabeth near the site of steenkamp's funeral. >> reporter: i'm outside of victoria park crematorium in the sea side town in the eastern cape where friends and family of reeva steenkamp have gathered to pay their last respects. more than 1,000 kilometers from here at the court, oscar pistorius is appearing in a court of law accused of her murder. state prosecutors are arguing that this was premeditated murder saying that oscar pistorius armed himself, attached his legs and shot her repeatedly through a bathroom door. oscar hipistorius's defense is
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saying he thought she was a burglar. this went on in the morning with oscar pistorius sobbing uncontrolably at times. and here people just want two answers, why did this happen? two, a person they describe as kind and loving and someone who everybody, they say, loved back. cnn, port elizabeth. >> of course, pistorius is appearing in court this morning. we'll have more coverage shortly. john? also developing overnight, cbs news is reporting that adam lanza who killed 26 people at sandy hook elementary school may have been trying to emulate another mass murderer. the report quotes law enforcement sources say he was obsessed with the guy who killed 77 people in norway in 2011 and apparently lanza wanted to top that death toll. another report says materials were found in his home. suzanne candiotti is following
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all of the developments. >> reporter: that's right. the working theory is this according to law enforcement sources. they're telling cbs news it's very liky that adam lanza wanted to one up anders brevic by shooting as many people he could in a close setting and match the body count. as you just indicated, of course, breivik killed 77 people in oz way, oslo, norway. mainly teenagers, 69 of them at the time. now there is a report in the "hartford courant" today that says the reason that they're speculating about this is possible motive is they found materials as one might think, you know, how else did he get this idea? he found materials about breivik in the lanza home. that's why they're drawing that as a possibility as to what drove lanza to this. and so it's one of the things
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they're working on. and they're not solidifying it as yet. the connecticut state police are saying that this is a speculation at this time and they have not settled on any one motive. >> materials by that, i guess we can presume it means articles, information, things of that nature. >> you would think. you would think that's what it what at minimum. >> we're hearing more ties to possible video game. >> that's right. we reported all along that they did find video games in the lanza home. and that he had a fondness for them. i ind viewterviewed friends of o say he liked to play video games when he was in high school. the idea he was practicing on the video games possibly to hone his skills to carry out the mass murder that he did. >> all right. as we say this information developing overnight. susan candiotti, thank you. we're following new developments out of turkey now. police are said to be rounding up dozens of people suspected of belonging to a leftist militant
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grup. the revolutionary people's liberation party front claimed responsibility for a suicide attack at the u.s. embassy in ankara earlier this month. new information that a secret unit of the chinese military is behind a massive computer hacking campaign against the united states. a report by the computer security firm mandian says a division of the people's liberation army is responsible for sustained hacking attacks against american interests. and maybe operating out of a white 12 story you toer er tow shanghai. >> a california man facing rape charges this morning for allegedly assaulting a woman he met on the popular dating website police are investigating whether 37-year-old sean banks targeted other women on that site. seven members of congress led by vermont senator patrick lee are in cuba this morning. it is a largest american delegation to that country in recent memory.
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they are trying to convince the castro regime to release alan grossman who was jailed in 2009 for bringing banned satellite equipment into cuba as part of the state department program. the tampa bay buccaneers player is free on bond after being arrested for illegal gun possession at laguardia airport. the 22-year-old bowers tried to bring a handgun onboard a flight to raleigh, north carolina. the weapon was found inside his suitca suitcase. the u.s. coast guard says the engine fire that crippled triumph was caused by a leak in a fuel oil return line. the leaking oil hit a hot surface and ignited that fire in one of the ship's two engine rooms. >> call it the bump watch. kate middleton makes her first appearance since announcing her pregnancy in december. she pays a visit to an addiction treatment center. brace yourself, ladies and gentlemen.
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this will be the first time, the very first time, the public gets to see her baby bump. and we will bring it to you the very instant we see it. >> i guess she's used to being scrutinized, right? >> this is a big deal. a houston couple is going to need a lot of diapers. this is a big deal. after four very rare bundles of joy arrived on valentine's day the 36-year-old gave birth to a very, very rare form of quadrupletts. four boyce, ace, blaine, cash and dylan are actually two sets of identical twins. so the chances, folks, of that happening are one in 70 million. and it's even more unusual because they did not use fertility drugs or in vitro. she says it was not a difficult pregnancy either. >> actually, it was a lot better than what i expected. i expected complete misery and it was nothing like that. it was perfect.
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perfect. >> perfect. she looks amazing. they have one other son, 2-year-old big brother memphis. can you imagine that household? you have twins. >> i'm breaking out in hives. i need a drink of water. >> that's incredible. coming up at 8:30 eastern on "starting point," proud parents, tressa and manuel mentalvo. international suspicion over a little boy adopted in russia. plus, potential problem for alec baldwin. a photographer making accusations and the actor now firing back. work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. but with advair, i'm breathing better.
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right there, in west texas comes amid tensions between the united states and russia over adoption. a russian official blames max's death on inhumane abuse. david mattingly has the latest on this on going investigation. what can you tell us, david? >> almost all the information we're getting about this case so far is coming from the special human rights representative of the russian foreign ministry. he says this child was a little over 3 years old when he died on january 21st of this year. a russian born boy adopted by american parents living in texas. in a statement, he said i would like to dray your attention to another case of inhuman abuse of a russian child by u.s. adoptive parents. he claims that the child suffered injuries to his head and legs as well as to his abt men and internal organs. the wounds, he said, could only be caused by strong blows. there is an investigation under way. the medical examiner's office
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tells us they're looking into this because of the suspicious nature of the child's death. texas child protective services also investigating. the allegations, we're told, include physical abuse and neglect. also the sheriff's office is investigating. a spokesman for the department tells us no arrests have been made and they're waiting for the results of the autopsy. now we try to speak to the boy's adoptive parents. when we called, there was only this brief recorded message. >> if this is a reporter or a news agency, we have no comment. >> as you might guess, this case is enflaming an already sensitive issue between the u.s. and russia. you might remember back in 2010 the outrage when an american woman actually put her adopted 7-year-old russian son on a plane alone and sent him on a one-way flight back to russia because of violent episodes the child had had. now russia recently imposed a
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ban on u.s. adoptions in russia. this could affect hundreds of u.s. families, a situation that is sure to get worse if this child's death in texas proves to be a case of abuse. >> i know you're watching this case very closely for us. david mattingly, thank you. a lot of news going on. we'll bring you up to speed. christine romans is here. just into cnn, the average price for a gallon of gas has gone up to $3.75 a gallon, this is, if you're counting, the 33rd straight day it increased. prices have gone up about 45 cents in just over a month. the record high for the national average is $4.14. that was set in july 2008. we're expecting to hear a ruling in the bail hearing for oscar pistorius. the magistrate set to decide on whether it was premeditated murder. the olympic star breaking down sobbing at his defense team as his defense team denied the killing was premeditated. they maintained her death was not even murder. the prosecution says pistorius
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put on his prosthetic legs and walked 20 feet and then shot through a locked bathroom door killing her. the case of kill patrick in the hands of the jury. killpatrick, his father and a detroit construction contractor are accused of engaging in breath taking corruption. swiss food giant nestle is suspended deliveries of all products that include beef from a german supplier. nestle is also recalling beef ravioli and beef tortellini in italy and spain along with a lasagne. alec baldwin is trading allegations. the photographer says that bill baldwin used a racial epithet.
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baldwin's attorney says this claim is absolutely false. black eyed pea singer fergie and her husband are expecting their first baby. she took to twitter to make the announcement tweeting, josh and me and baby makes three followed by the very appropriate hash tag, #mylovelybabybump. good for her. 17 minutes past the hour. chinese hackers targeting america reportedly out of a shanghai office tower. that one right there. we're breaking down how costly the hack attacks are to the united states. that's coming up next. mizers. how? by building custom security solutions that integrate video, access control, fire and intrusion protection. all backed up with world-class monitoring centers, thousands of qualified technicians, and a personal passion to help protect your business. when your business is optimized like that,
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bny mellon. good morning to you, new york city. don't you look lovely this morning? grab a cup of coffee, come on over. we're minding your business. stock futures are up slightly. markets reopen after a nice three-day weekend. and this week we'll get some key reports on housing and manufacturing which should provide insight into the health of the economy. >> and brand new this morning, a really shocking report that the chinese military may be behind hacking targeted at the u.s. kristina is here with news on that. this is kind of a huge business. >> it is. it is a business story. you talked about intellectual property in the united states. you're talking about companies and what they build and what they make and sell around the world. very concerned about what one group is calling an extensive cyber espionage campaign by the
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chinese military. not only a national security threat. it is also a huge risk to american business. economists have no idea how much it actually costs the u.s. economy. but this he know it's billions. we've seen estimates from a few billion to as much as $100 billion a year of lost american business because of chinese hacking. and critics of chinese hack ig say what china lacks in innovation it makes up in the intellectual property theft. the cyber security firm mandian says the sure scale and duration of the sustained attacks against a wide set of industries from a singularly identified group in china leaves little doubt about the organization behind the group. they hit 141 organizations in 20 different industries. mandiant says the attacks targeted organizations in the u.s. the chinese defense ministry says the military has never supported any hacker activities but outgoing defense secretary
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lee on panetta voiced concern that a cyber attack could be crippling. wall street, the financial system, our ability to process credit cards. and earlier this month the president signed an executive order addressing the most basic cyber security needs mentioning this in his states of the union address. the president's order makes it easier for private companies in control of the infrastructure to share information with the government. both working on standards to protect companies. and by the way, this report right now that i'm giving you, word on cnn international would be blacked out by the chinese government. they're blacking out all reports about this mandian repot report. china surpassed the u.s. in another milestone. flurry analytics forecast that they'll have more smart phone users than the u.s. the growth of china is really fast. it has 1.3 billion population. in the u.s., you can see the smart phone use is gradual. but the uptick of smart phones
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in china, huge. and that's why american companies want to do business in china. they want access to that market. the down side of that is big concerns about intellectual property. >> they're happy. the size and scope of the hacking story and the apparent connections to the military really puts a lot of pressure on the obama administration. >> it does. >> to say something, to do something to act here. this is serious. >> when you talk about social property theft outside of hacking, companies have complained for years that the chinese government doesn't recognize their ownership of a trade mark or patent or an idea or a business model. and the u.s. government has -- in many different administrations has worked very hard with the chinese on that with little progress, i would say. this is would tell you it is little progress. so this strategic economic dialogue with the u.s. has with china, these are the types of things they talk about. >> thank you. >> new development this is morning on the bad batteries that grounded boeing's dreamliner. more business news. what experts found aboard one of the jets after emergency landing
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olympic icon oscar pistorius in court for the murder of his girlfriend. his lawyers arguing for bail. officials moments away from making a ruling on whether the murder was premeditated. >> that's a big decision. a possible motive for adam lanza. was he trying to outdo another ki kill? it is the last chance for drew peterson. a final appeal today before tomorrow's sentencing.
5:29 am
and a career move for michael jackson's son. he's going into the entertainment business -- sort of. so welcome back to "early start," everyone. i'm john better man. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. the bail runner is in court right now. he is seeking bail. he can not completely exclude premeditated murder. pistorius was sobbing. his defense denies the killing was premeditated and argued that reeva steenkamp's death was not even murder. the prosecution maintains pistorius put on his prosthetic limbs and walked 20 feet and then shot through a locked bathroom door killing steenkamp. there ar


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